BMRX-EVO 1/24 RC drift - KIT / ARR

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Product Description

The BMR-X series micro 1/24 RC drift chassis products have evolved from the first generation FR layout BMR-X to the MR layout BMR-X Pro has been 5 years, our unique centre of gravity inline motor design known by enthusiasts,but this year we have had a breakthrough in innovation, in November the new evolution of BMR-X series
BMR-X EVO are on pre-order now.
The biggest highlight of BMR-X EVO. It has a 3 gear transmission of innovative design with high CG horizontal motor layout, it prevents the left-right balance from collapsing due to the counter torque of the motor, and derives the neutral steering characteristic. Since the rear traction increases with the throttle ON, it is possible to increase stability and acceleration at the time of exiting the corner, the new designed rear gear box is also equipped with the first planetary differential for Micro RC drift,increase chassis corner speed and rear traction.
The motor mount is compatible for a variety of motor positions The the center gravity of motor are infinitely adjustable at multiple angles, the highest point of the motor rotary is completely perpendicular to the rear axle, providing continuous grip.
At the front of BMR-X EVO has adjustable slide rack steering and adjustable Caster Mount, you can switch your setting instantly.
BMR-X EVO is equipped with Alum double color anodized main chassis set, it’s a full alum parts chassis.
The track width adjustable can switch by changing the rims offset, using the 0 offset in rear = 73mm ~ using 3mm offset in rear = 83mm, also it has 98~128mm wheel base adjustable.
We have two different version of BMR-X EVO, the kit version and the ARR version, the kit version will release first it's only the chassis kit (does not include electronics, wheels, bodyshell and bodymount), the ARR version will include all electronics (without the transmitter and receiver), wheels, two bodyshells and bodymount.